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\ * Resigned If Axtb, x Sg B, to asmme tlie Directorship of Uie Museum. Acting upon your suggestion 1 have decided to incorporate in this first formal report a brief account of the entire activity of the Museum during the time which has elapsed since its public inau- guration, accompanied by certain suggestions as to the future. » ♦ • • • • • • • • * • ' • • • » » • • • •• * • « # • • » REPORT UPON THE CONDITION AND PROGRESS OF THE CARNEGIE MUSEUM IN PITTSBURGH, Submitted April ist, 1898, BY w. In 1887 legislation was enacted, which opened the way for the acceptance of the munificent proposal, which had been made by Mr. In 1890 with princely generosity he renewed his offer to the city, quadrupling the amount which he had previously offered to give, naming one million of dollars as the sum which he desired to devote to this purpose. The importance of securing the services of a competent preparator having forced itself upon the minds of the Committee in charge of the Museum, Mr. Webster, one of the ablest and most widely known artists of his class, was engaged, and he entered uj)on his work in the latter part of the spring of 1897. Every effort has been made to aid these parties in deriving from the collections which are gathered here, those advantages which they are intended to convey. Diller, of the Dental Department of the Western University of Pennsylvania, has made use of the anatomical and dental collections for the purpose of instructing his classes.

The period of my connection with the Museum as its Director has been so brief that it might almost seem idle for me to attempt a report at this time, but having been until recently a member of the Committee of your Board which has had charge of the Museum, I have been familiar with everything which has occurred since the beginning, and therefore feel less hesitation than would otherwise be the case. His offer, which was most generous in its character, could not be immediately accepted by the city because of certain legal impediments, which required for their removal legislative action by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The direction of the Museum was then by formal resolution placed in the hands of a sub-committee consisting of Mr. At the opening of the following fiscal year in April, 1897, a more generous appropriation was made, amounting to ^20,326.31. Both of these collections have attracted much attention. The collections of the Western Pennsylvania Botanical Society, one of the societies affiliated with the Academy of Science and Art, are accessible to Mr. It has been quite common for teachers in various schools to bring their classes to the Museum, and the professors in some of the higher institutions of learning have like- wise from time to time resorted to the Museum attended by considerable bodies of students.

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We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Dear Sir : — I have the honor herewith to submit to you my first annual report as Director of the Carnegie Museum. Andrew Carnegie proposed to the city of Pittsburgh to build at his own expense and present to the munici- pality a public library. Ward, of Rochester, made a most generous offer to loan very important collections to the Museum, giving the Committee the privilege of subsequently purchasing them, or returning them to him. Gerrodette tendered his resigna- tion as Director, and it was accepted. The appropriation originally made from the general fund to this department having been inadequate, it was supplemented in December by an additional grant of ^4,000, making the sum total received for the operations of the year ^i2,cxx D. A series representing the development of the fore-arm in the various classes of vertebrate animals, and another series of specimens representing the teeth, was purchased from Ward, of Rochester. Shafer, our curator in the department of botany, and we obtained by purchase the large collection of the late Prof. Shafer is at present engaged in preparing for publication a list of all the plants known to be at present, or to have been in the past, indigenous in Allegheny county. It is hoped that the good work of these young people may be continued, and the sympathetic aid of the Director will be extended to them and all similar organizations. One of the most pleasing features of the activity of the Museum has been the manner in which those in charge of the work have been enabled to cooperate with the teachers in the various schools and colleges, not only of Pittsburgh, but of the country adjacent thereto. Mellor, Gha Jnnan of the Committee on the Museum of the Board of Trustees of the Caraegie Fine Arts and Museum Collection Fund. This was done, and large and valuable collections were purchased, and Prof. It was definitely ascertained that during the year nearly five hundred thousand visitors entered the doors. Other collections illustrating the leading facts in comparative anatomy are in process of preparation, the authorities utilizing the material which has come into the possession of the Museum in various ways. Other collections have been contributed, and upon the basis of these Mr. Guttenburg, at his death, was purchased by the Museum, and constitutes the nucleus of the mineralogical collection at present in our possesion, to which a number of important additions have from time to time been made, principally by gift, by various individuals. Our geological collection, aside from such portions of the pala^ontological collection, to which reference has already been made, is comparatively small and unimportant. Impor- tant collections are on temporary deposit in the Museum belonging to Mr. The organization still exists, how- ever, and the result has been the development in the case of a dozen or more of the young people of the community, of a decided taste for natural history pursuits, and several of the lads whose first interest was thus aroused have been able to render some genuine assistance in the work of the Museum, and bid fair ultimately to become naturalists of promise. The exceedingly restricted space at our disposal for laboratory purposes suggests the importance of an arrangement whereby, if possible, the large room at the eastern end of the corridor in the basement of the Museum may be placed at the disposition of our working force. We are very desirous of utilizing his talents in the construction of groups which shall illustrate the life-history of various important classes of animals, but we should have, in order to accomplish this, assistance of a better character than that which we have been able thus far to provide. Herbert H, Smith having resigned his position at the Museum in order to return to the work of collecting in South America, in which, for so many years he was engaged, it is 22 important that the place made vacant by him should be filled by a scholarly and thoroughly competent man who may devote himself particularly to the care and development of the collections in invertebrate zoology. We hope, through his labors, to throw some important light upon interesting questions relating to our local fauna.

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In order to carry on the work for the coming year as it should be carried on upon the lines which have been laid out, and which we feel certain have the approval and sympathy of the founder of the institution, it will be necessary for us to have an appropriation not less generous than was made to the Museum at the beginning of the year which has just closed.

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