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The necessity, of which there is question here, is not the physical coercion exercised on man by an external and stronger physical force.

He has the attributes of justice, truth, wisdom, sanctity.That doctrine explains the peremptoriness, the sacredness, the universality of moral obligation, made known to us, as it is, by the dictates of conscience.The doctrine has seldom been put in clearer or more beautiful language than by Cardinal Newman in his Letter to the Duke of Norfolk (p.But in this life there is no such object which can fully satisfy all our desires and thus make us completely happy.Health, friends, fame, wealth, pleasures, singly or all combined, are incapable of filling the void in our hearts.

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Although society at large is much concerned that children should be trained in respect and deference towards lawful authority, yet even the demands of society do not explain what we mean when we affirm that children are obliged to obey their parents.

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