Dating agencies new united states law south beach dating scene

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Dating agencies new united states law

Virgin Islands Company (1934) Rehabilitated the sugar and rum industries of the Virgin Islands; reduced unemployment; provided various farm services and loan programs; coordinated with a homesteading program. Travel Bureau (1937) Helped increase recreational travel & tourism within the United States.Legislation for American Indians in Oklahoma and Native Alaskans (1936) Extended provisions of the Indian Reorganization Act to these areas. Emergency Banking Relief Act (1933) Gave the president emergency powers over the US banking system, under which he called a ‘bank holiday’ to allow evaluation of all banks and closure of insolvent ones.

Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation (FSCC) (1933) – Distributed surplus food and commodities to those in need.Public Utility Holding Company Act (1935) Protected consumers from certain rate increases, and also from high-risk speculation activities.Federal Emergency Relief Act (1933) Created the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA).Hired unemployed directly to work on local projects; became model for WPA.Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) (1933) Created under the Federal Emergency Relief Act to award grants to states for works programs to hire the unemployed and provide direct relief payments to the indigent.

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The list of programs is as complete as you will find anywhere.

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