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Concrete consolidating counter self top

In 2016, these terrorist groups did not grow, recruitment remained flat lined, and they were unable to expand their zones of operation.

Nonetheless, terrorists’ asymmetric warfare in this region continued, making progress restoring governance, services, and security in parts of the Sahel difficult.

Accordingly, information regarding Iran, Sudan, and Syria can be found in Chapter 3, State Sponsors of Terrorism. In 2016, terrorists used under-governed areas in northern, central, and southern Somalia as safe havens from where they conducted, planned, and facilitated operations with little resistance.

As seen in previous years, al-Shabaab kept much of its safe haven in the Jubba River Valley as a primary base of operations for plotting and launching attacks throughout Somalia and northern Kenya.

The group’s operatives controlled several villages and towns throughout Jubaland region, including Janaale, Jilib, and Kunyo Barow, and exploited the porous border regions further south between Kenya and Somalia to launch cross-border attacks.

In the latter part of 2016, Ethiopian forces largely withdrew from some areas it controlled in central Somalia, leaving previously liberated towns in Bakool, Hiiraan, and other regions, vulnerable to al-Shabaab.

In northern Somalia, a small group of former al-Shabaab members who had aligned with ISIS in October 2015 established a presence in remote areas that provided access to rudimentary ports along the coast of the Gulf of Aden and proximity to the Arabian Peninsula.

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