Aniston dating jennifer keanu reeve

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Aniston dating jennifer keanu reeve

They'll immediately appear in celebrity magazines and on entertainment programs and be touted as the Next Big Thing, and they'll give interviews in every medium possible. They'll show up to host 's list of the 50 Most Beautiful People and, if they're female, the "Top 100 Hottest Women" list of any men's magazine. The Hollywood Hype Machine is very fickle, but has a never-ending supply of willing young stars and starlets ready to take the place of the old one.

Meanwhile, failed stars will suddenly drop off these lists. The reason that magazines, tabloids and TV shows (even ones unaffiliated with Hollywood studios) get into it is because, by pushing these new big stars, they can have big headlines and have paparazzi follow around, thus selling more magazines and getting higher ratings.

I came home one afternoon to find them chowing down. In college, I had dinner with Eudora Welty when she came to visit the school. It was a grand piano on a mirrored tray, and when I brought it out he made a big show of carefully looking at it and then he turned to me and said, "Thank you, my that's a beautiful cake." It took me a beat or two to process this, and Ray grabbed my wrist and broke out laughing when he sensed I finally got the joke. I wound up getting high with the Rayettes in the kitchen after the party wound down.At the time I was working for a company in Minneapolis - and somehow got invited to Paisley Park for the event. Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gabe, Monty Clift, Elizabeth Taylor. Saw a lot more up close and personal while we were on set. She was a sweetheart and chatted with me for quite awhile. Jerry shook my hand and excused himself to search for a cup of coffee.The only other time I got to go to his studios was for a release event for Donnie Osmond's "comeback" in the ate 80's. He is (or was) a lot more attractive in person than on camera. The one that blew me away was Grandma Walton aka Ellen Corby in front of me in the cafeteria line wirh a cigarette butt hanging out of her mouth. He later sat by his wife while she chatted with me.Of course you may also have people who are great on screen and IRL, like KEANU. A back in '99 for the 25th anniversary of her fan club, The International Petula Clark Society (or the IPCS as WE call it). Anyway, she must have mentioned it to my dad, and he must have said, "Oh my son loves Mac Gyver! So somehow I was shuttled down to the local CBS station while he was there, and I got to talk with him for 10 min? I went to private school in LA - it was a beautiful old mansion. Pitt who asked me for directions to the Spotted Pig, or whatever that place was (Jennifer rolled her eyes, she knew how to get there), I saw JSPR 37, yes, Jodie was pleasant and professional. Both Michael Stipe and Pete Buck from REM when the band was still getting going. I didn't really know Kingston but did know Barrow fairly well.I had my picture taken with Pet, holding my MINT copy of the 'Downtown' Lp in front of us. yeah, probably but her music has got me through a shit load of stuff in my life and I adore the lady :)R49, I didn't say he was *my* guest, although it was my apartment. He's a relative of one of people who was at the party. feel the need to give some background as there are some down to earth celebs. My dad knew the daughter of the local owner of the CBS station. Her then girlfriend (Cydney) was there chatting with people I assume we're part of the film crew. I used to buy records from Buck when he still worked at Wuxtry. I also was in high school with Cindy Wilson of the B-52s, but didn't really know her at the time.

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