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Affair dating site

See full summary » London based American nurse, Susan, Lady Ashwood, is at the hospital awaiting the imminent arrival of injured soldiers.

She is hoping that her enlisted son, Sir John Ashwood, who resembles ...

But this is the movies and we all know how things work out on film.

Heiress Carol Owen learns to fly from aeronautical engineer Jim Leonard who begins neglecting his work as their affair progresses.

Things get complicated when she learns her father died ...

Most people simply can't handle the guilt of cheating, so they create space.

Plus, distance creates a shield, protecting him from detection—if he doesn't say much, he's less likely to say something incriminating," explains Dr. If your spouse avoids being alone with you and your conversations become purely superficial, he could be pushing you away because he's growing closer to someone else.

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By making that loud and clear, he feels more justified in cheating and less guilty," explains Jennifer Oikle, Ph D, psychologist, dating coach and founder of My Soulmate 3.

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